Book Review: The Coconut Miracle

Posted: 8 August, 2009 in Coconut Agronomy
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by Bruce Fife

This is the best book for people who want to understand all about coconut oil. This post only show what is inside the book in general;

Ch 1 The truth about coconut oil

This chapter tell us the history and current market environment for coconut oil. It also included the challenges the coconut industry faces in the past and present.

Ch 2 Understanding Fats

This is the main issue that is being manipulated by certain oil competitors. So, this chapter is enough for people to change their mind on coconut oil. For some people who is afraid to consume the oil in raw, certainly will change their mind.

(These next 4 chapters describe the benefits of coconut oil and guidance on how to get the best of it)

Ch 3 A new weapon against heart disease

Ch 4 Nature’s marvelous germ fighter

Ch 5 Eat fat, lose weight

Ch 6 Beautiful skin and hair

(Next 2 chapters tell us the benefit of eating any form of coconut products)

Ch 7 Coconut oil as food and medicine

Ch 8 Eat your way to better health

Ch 9 Recipes for nutrition and beauty


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