Palma Virgin Coconut Oil

Posted: 12 May, 2010 in Coconut Products, Main
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Our trademark

We produce our Virgin Coconut Oil from selected species of coconut. This species, contain higher oil than Malayan Tall tree. We pick our coconut on the same day we produce our oil. This is to ensure the freshness and quality.

Lori 3As soon as the coconut arrive at our shop, we start the production process by deshelling. With our machine capacity, we can de-shell the coconut at 360 pcs/hour. This is again, to mantain the freshness of our coconut.


In coconut milk extraction process, we extract the milk using ‘food grade’ stainless steel machine. Our VCO process generally known as cold press method.


As soon as the coconut milk is ready, it will go through pre-chilled process before through fermentation process for about 24 hour. The oil then will through filtering process until we get clear oil.

# We realize that this method take a lot of time. We have studied few new methods and there are two new ways to produce VCO which is suit with our facilities and workflow. Later in this year, as soon as the machines arrive, we think we can produce more VCO daily.

VCO 250ml

120ml VCO

Sesiapa berminat untuk menjadi pengedar VCOPalma, kami memberi dengan harga yang berpatutan.

  1. Norsila md saad says:

    Saya berminat menjadi ejen.. Boleh emailkan details harga n cara pembelian secara borong ke email saya..

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