Repairing worm gear/Speed reducer

Posted: 11 March, 2014 in Uncategorized

Our coconut milk machine has served us for 5 years. Sometimes machines will under-perform. Then you will know there is problem with the machine. You will notice;

  • It run and sound become louder
  • There is leaking of engine oil
  • The yield decreases
  • The operation become take more time



So, we decided to disassemble its speed reducer/worm gear. Here what it is look like;







Due to imbalance rotation of main shaft (connected to expeller),

this small bearing (above) damage and become loose causing engine oil leak.

For temporary, we just clean it because we don’t have proper tool and spare part.




What you have to do;

  1. Disassemble everything
  2. Clean everything with any chemical e.g degreaser
  3. Find broken/loose parts
  4. If need to be replace, replace them.
  5. Put everything together again. (don’t forget gasket/silicon gasket maker)

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