We have three main products i.e coconut milk, coconut paste and virgin coconut oil. So basically, in producing these products we have basic machines to enable us to increase productivity.

The machines that assists us in production are
I.    Coconut deshelling machine
II.    Coconut grating machine
III.    Coconut milk extracting machine
IV.    Coconut fryer
V.    Coconut paste grinder


As we all can see, we choose stainless steel machines in order to keep food production hygienic because in the future, we want to get GMP, HACCP and HALAL certification.  We are also in process to get special machine to produce Virgin Coconut Oil.





Current Maximum


Future MaximumProduction
Coconut Milk/Santan 65kg/day 90kg/day


Coconut paste/Kerisik 30kg/day 50kg/day 50kg/day
Virgin Coconut Oil/Minyak Kelapa Dara 2L/day 5L/day 20L/day

Current production – This is based on current customer demand.

Current Maximum production – The differences between customers demand (current production) is what we can offer to our potential customer right now.

Future maximum production – Now, we have to share the production facility for different product. When the new machines arrived, we will have different set of machine for different product.